Wine Down Winesday- Stepping out with Susan! 


Since January, we have implemented an event called Wine Down Winesday.This is an event we host every other month to feature our wedding and event professionals! They are for engaged couples and people planning events to see the My Wedding Group showroom and learn more about MWG and our professionals.

In June, our WDW featured Susan Palmer of Palmer Dance Studio. We moved the furniture in the showroom and created a dance floor! Six couples signed up for a free introductory dance lesson. Susan was able to share why dance lessons are important, even if you aren’t getting married. She discussed how she does her dance lessons, the type of dance she teaches, and her process for determining the best song and dance combo for the couple. Once that was done, we got to the lesson. Susan is a master at teaching both sides of the dance. Whether you are the leader or the follower, Susan is easily able to teach you your steps and explain why you do them. As an observer, it was amazing to see how she helped each couple achieve success in the steps, regardless of their initial ability. Watching the couples figure out the steps, gain more confidence in the steps (and each other), and start to enjoy the dance was so fun to see! We would hands down tell you to sign up for lessons with Susan. Whether you are getting married, dating, or married for years… you will not be disappointed! 


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