Posted by myweddinggroup on May 11, 2016

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Wedding Tuxedo

There is so much info out there about finding the perfect wedding dress, but not so much about finding the perfect tuxedo. Not to worry! Here are five ways to help you figure out which one is best for you!


Suit or Tux?

First thing to ask yourself (or your fiancé) is how formal is your wedding? A formal wedding usually requires both the groom, and groomsmen to wear tuxedos. If your wedding is semi-formal, a dark suit with an off-white shirt is a popular choice. If you’re having a summer or destination wedding, most go with khaki or white suits.


What Style Best Fits the Wedding?

 If your wedding is semi-formal, most men prefer a dark tuxedo with a bow tie, cummerbund, or vest. With a dark suit, it’s best to wear a white or off-white shirt for spring, fall, and winter months. For a formal wedding, a popular choice is a black tux, white shirt, bow tie or neck tie, pocket square, and a vest. If your wedding is extra traditional, you can look at tailcoats and cummerbunds.


Purchase or Rent?

If you think you’ll be attending other formal events within the next couple of years, then purchasing a tux is definitely something to consider (with the okay from your fiancé, of course). If not, or you think it might go out of style before you wear it again, then rent. Renting a tux is usually a third of the price of buying one, so it’s a much cheaper alternative.


What Are Your Wedding Colors?

This is very important info to know if you are not going with the standard black and white. I suggest your fiancé go with you to help with the colors. If she can’t, then here are a few questions you should ask before going to the store.

1) Is the wedding dress white or off-white? This is important to information if you want your vest and/or tie to match the wedding dress.

2) What are the wedding colors?

3) Do you have a sample or a picture for me to take to the tux shop?

4) What colors are the bridesmaid dresses, and do you have any samples of them?


What About the Groomsmen?

It used to be traditional for the groom and groomsmen to wear identical clothing, but today it’s totally up to you! If you want to stand out, one way to do this is to have a different colored vest or tie. Most shops have stylists that can help you figure out the perfect look for you and your groomsmen.


Weddings can tend to feel overwhelming, but with little tips like this, it can help it seem a bit less hectic! I hope these tips help you find the perfect tux for your big day!