Posted by myweddinggroup on December 9, 2015

Yay! You’re engaged! Welcome to the wide world of Wedding Land. It can be a little scary and a lot fun (and don’t worry, we’re here to help you through all of it.)

Getting engaged is such a fun time. People get REALLY excited for you and then they’ll have a lot of opinions and advice for you. But before the wedding planning gets under way here are a few things that you should do after you get engaged: 

1. Family comes first: Make sure the very most important people in both of your lives know before the whole world does. 

2. BDV (Budget, Date, Venue): When it comes to planning a wedding, these three are the most important. Before you can do anything you have to know what your budget is. Next, plan your date and venue. these two are very often intertwined. If you have a venue in mind, consider booking for off season or off-day (any day but Saturday) to keep down costs. If you aren't able to be flexible with your date then start contacting venues immediately to see if they’re available. 

3. Celebrate: Let someone throw you an engagement party (or throw it your self)! Take engagement photos! Allow yourself to enjoy this special time. Too often we jump right into the planning and don't take time to enjoy the moment. 


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