Posted by myweddinggroup on January 26, 2015

by Jessica Carpenter, owner of Creating Your Moments Wedding Planning

Not hiring a Wedding Planner or a Day of Coordinator is one of the biggest regrets we hear couples say after her wedding!

Couples put so much thought and detail in that one day and need someone to execute that vision while they enjoy the most important thing; The Wedding!

There are so many details and work that go into a wedding. There are also many questions and last minute arrangements that happen the week leading up to the Wedding.

Not Stressing is the most important thing, and hiring a planner or a coordinator will help you enjoy your wedding day more, and give your guest the event that you envisioned!


Which should you choose? A Wedding Planner or a Day of Coordinator?

A Wedding Planner is instrumental if you have no idea where to start. They will take you from start to finish. They help you with everything from the large details such as hiring vendors to small details of wedding favors. If you are lost when it comes to design, etiquette, or even which venue to choose; you will need a planner.

After every detail, thought and vision of your wedding is planned. On the Wedding Day, they will help you execute that plan to the fullest! They are your wedding’s best friend!

Wedding Planners start at around $1,100 and higher, depending on the level of planning you would like your planner involved with.


A Day of Coordinator is a must have for the Bride that has planned her own wedding.

They will take everything you have painstakingly planned and manage all of the activities! You will be busy that day getting ready, enjoying your bridesmaids, and taking pictures.

You will need someone to handle all of the last minute details and to keep your day running smoothly. Many Brides think their mother, aunt, or close friend can take care of that for her. But if you look at the reality of your Wedding Day, your mother will want to be with you and share your special moments. Your friends and families should be your guest. If any vendor issuesvenue problems etc happen, your Coordinator has developed connections within the wedding community and can solve the problems without you having to worry!

Whether you want help planning every detail or whether you know exactly what you want, help is ESSENTIAL! Unfortunately, couple's that don’t have a Planner or a Coordinator don’t know they need one until it is too late. This is your wedding, don’t do it alone!