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Posted by MWG on February 6, 2018


Travel Agent? I know, you think you can do it yourself. However, planning a honeymoon takes a little more than just planning the average trip. 


  1. Planning a honeymoon while planning a wedding is overkill: Let a travel agent take care of all the planning. You tell them your budget, and what you have in mind and the will give you options to choose from.
  2. You don’t have the time to read reviews: Trust me on this…you really won’t have the time. Let an experienced agent be the one to choose for you. After all, they are the experienced ones.
  3. You’ll get a better deal: Travel agents always know about the best deals that are going on and how to help you.


 Wondering how to find a credible travel agent? No worries! At My Wedding Group we have the top rated vendors! Thia travel agent is the best and you can’t go wrong with booking with them!


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