Posted by myweddinggroup on January 26, 2016

Looking for some ideas to make your wedding unforgettable? Then look no further--Here are some unique ideas I’m sure you’ll love! 


1. Have an artist paint your ceremony: How great would this look hanging in your house? The idea of having someone do caricature sketches is pretty neat as well. 



2. Opt for an anniversary piñata versus the traditional guestbook: How fun would this be to open on your anniversary? Break open a bottle of bubble and this piñata! 



3. Send Mad-Lib RSVP Cards: How much more fun does it get? This is a such a fun RSVP card for those who are having an informal wedding. 



4. Pick a side buttons: SO neat! It’s also a great conversation starter! 



5. Confetti Bar: Let your guests build their own bag of confetti to toss when the night is over