Posted by myweddinggroup on February 5, 2016

Think you’ve got your wedding budget all figured out? Hidden wedding costs like decor rentals, wedding dress alterations and even cake cutting can quickly send your budget soaring. Here are a few hidden wedding costs to be mindful of when planning your big day.


1. Alterations:  A simple hem can be less than $100, but moving zippers or fixing beading can cost $500+.



2. Postage:  Wedding envelopes weigh more than regular letters – many can cost up to $2 each to mail. While not a huge expense, many couples are not expecting a $300 postage bill when choosing a large design.


3. Extra Hours: Some of your vendors can charge more if go over the designated time.


4. Taxes and Tips: These things can run up to 20% on top of costs – a huge difference.


5. Flowers: Choosing out of season flowers (like roses most of the year) can increase a wedding budget significantly because the flowers will need to be imported.


6. Set Up Fees: Things like décor, sound equipment, floral arrangements and rentals may require set up and delivery which, depending on agreements with each vendor, can add additional costs.


7. Clean up: Some venues include cleanup costs, but others do not. Be sure to check with your venue to see if cleanup is included or not.