Posted by myweddinggroup on November 18, 2015

In the world of wedding hashtags, status updates and tweets, we bring you the most common social-media-related wedding mistakes and tell you what to do instead.

1.     Before you announce your engagement on Facebook, call your family.

-Your close friends and family are going to want to hear the news from you first. A Facebook post might be the easiest way to get the news out, but it’s not the most personal. Of course though after you tell your close friends and family, feel free to post away.

 2.     Post pictures of your engagement ring.

-Everyone is going to be dying to know what your ring looks like, so go ahead and share it. However, keep the nitty-gritty details like the cost and carat to yourself. Engagement pictures are a great thing to share on social media. If you are interested in getting engagement pictures taken check out My Wedding Group's awesome photographers. 


 3.     Send out traditional invitations for the wedding

-Email invites are totally okay for pre-wedding and post wedding parties. Paper invites are the way to go for the actual wedding ceremony though. If you are worried about the cost of the sending out paper invitations, you don’t have to have an elaborate invite, a simple card stock and laser printing will be just fine. My Wedding Group has several vendors that can help you create the perfect invitation. 

 4.     Spread the word about your hashtag

-Almost everyone now uses a wedding hashtag on social media. So find a way to tie it in to your invitations and your wedding website. Letting your guests know ahead of time gives you lots of more pictures.