Posted by MWG on January 7, 2017

There is so much to do when it comes to planning a wedding, and there’s no rule that says a bride has to do it all on her own. Here are a few tasks that you can pass down to the groom. 

Choosing the transportation. What man doesn’t love looking at and riding in cool cars? Unless you’re worried he is going to expect you to hop on a Harley after the ceremony, you can probably trust him with this one. Send him to LUX Limousine & Transportation | Greenville Limo Rental | My Wedding Group and you won't be disappointed with his choice. 


Seating his side of the guest list. He probably knows best who gets along (and who doesn’t) with whom in his family and circle of friends, and it makes more sense for him to figure out where to seat all of them. And, hey, if anyone complains about their table assignment, simply point them in the direction of your groom!


Picking out the groom’s cake. If you’re having one at the reception or rehearsal dinner, let your fiancé pick out what he wants. Couture Cakes Holly's Cakes can help him create the perfect groom's cake. 


Buying his groomsmen's gifts.These are likely his nearest and dearest family and friends, and he should know what they would like. 


Figuring out what to wear. If you fear your fiancé would show up in a powder blue tux or in his favorite football jersey, then by all means accompany him to the tux shop. But if he is usually a pretty sharp dresser, you can let him pick out his own clothes for the wedding. Thomas & Sons and Gregory's Formal Wear On The Go can help him to look his best!