Sheridan -My Wedding Group (00:00):Hi Tiffany. How are you?

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (00:03):Hey, how's it going?

Sheridan -My Wedding Group (00:04):Yeah, that, tell me how you know, how are things going, you know, with 1881 or whatnot?

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (00:10):Well, you're good. We're still rocking and rolling. We're just working from home and coming into the office when new clients want a tour. But it's, it's really good. We still got a lot of really exciting weddings on the books this year.

Sheridan -My Wedding Group (00:22):Awesome. So can you tell me a little bit about, you know, the story of 1881 and then like your story, you know, with you know, joining in and whatnot?

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (00:30):Yeah, for sure. So we used to be called Summit Pointe a while back and it was just kind of a building by itself that had a ballroom or two ballrooms rather. And that there wasn't a lot of structure and we weren't really offering a lot. It was just kind of a space and you kind of did your thing and we opened the doors for you. And now since we built the new of Hilton Garden Inn that's attached to us, it's been completely rebranded to be called 1881 because the Spartan Mills headquarters used to be there, which was founded in 1881. So they use that history for the decor of the building and just really rooting us into Spartanburg. We have a lot of locally source food for the catering menu. There's a lot of aspects to it and why that branding is important and being a part of Spartanburg so now being attached to the Hilton garden and it's so much more. We have the Hilton standards, to back us up and so we do all the catering in house, the banquet staff, everything is coming from us now. So it's a more well rounded experience for the guests.

Sheridan -My Wedding Group (01:32):Awesome. And how long have you been with 1881?

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (01:36):About six months. So I've been in the industry about seven years. Just progressively kind of growing in my career and I took on the Director of Catering role in October.

Sheridan -My Wedding Group (01:46):Awesome. what would you say like your typical couple looks like? Like, what's the style of the space?

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (01:53):So the cool thing about this venue, even only being here for six months is none of my couples have really been the same. So in other venues that I've worked at are other hotels rather, we kind of had the same couple. Honestly, and some brides might think, not surprising, but truthfully pretty similar couples go to different types of venues. You kind of know who you're coming to, but honestly, I've had a really nice variety here, which has been wonderful. I think because our space is so modern now, it is still a ballroom because it's attached to a hotel, but they furnished it with that industrial chic that kind of play into the Spartan Mills, so it looks really modern too. So it's really nice. It's actually appealing to a pretty, pretty good variety of couples, which is really fun for me to get to experience that.

Sheridan -My Wedding Group (02:38):Awesome. can you tell me a little bit about your process with couples, you know, from the, you know, point where they decide that they want to book with you to the day of the wedding?

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (02:49):Yeah, sure. So we we get reached out on lots of different platforms. We hear from brides on Facebook, Wedding Wire, My Wedding Group helps us. And then of course we have guests who just call or walk in the door. And then of course once I talk with them, usually they'll come in for a tour. Sometimes we do have guests who book without a tour, but I love to get them in just to make sure they're comfortable in the space and really get the feel andkind of visualize their day there. Usually after the tour, if they're interested, they'll let me know immediately and we'll move forward with contracting. And then depending on how far out their wedding is, is kind of how much we're communicating. But especially once we're getting down to the last, you know, three or four months prior to the wedding, that's when we're doing their complimentary tasting and that's when I'm talking to them at least once every week or two. And we're in contact a lot of until those last few, few weeks there. And then on the final week we do a final meeting with their banquet captain or whoever's in charge of their wedding. And I kind of hand them off and let them get to the execution team for those last few days and then I usually greet them on their wedding day as well


Sheridan -My Wedding Group (03:54):Awesome. what do you think or what would be your favorite part of your job? Like what's the most fun part about working at 1881 with these couples?

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (04:04):My favorite is, it's kind of a combination of the last couple of days. So the best part is when it's pretty much done. Everything's planned, we're here, we're at the finish line. And they, it's funny because like on the Monday before the wedding, they're still freaking out. They're still nervous. And I have to calm them down andtell them it's going to be okay. But when you fast forward to this last couple of days, and when it's like Thursday or Friday before the wedding, they're so happy and they're relaxed and they know it's done and they're so thankful. And especially on wedding day when they're hugging you and it's, it's happened. That's the best. That's what all those months are for.

Sheridan -My Wedding Group (04:43):Awesome. can you describe like a proud moment or like your favorite momentsince being in the wedding industry?

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (04:51):There are so many. I'll tell you the one that always stands out to me. And it's funny because so one of the owners of My Wedding Group, me and Stephen actually talked about this recently because it's still so profound to me. I'm still running on, but I've beenin the industry, like I said, about seven years. About six years ago, I was at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Greenville. And my sales manager that I was working with was on maternity leave. So I was taking care of some of the bride and grooms and kind of getting my foot in the door. And I had a same sex couple. It was the first time I had one as a, as a bride and groom. And they were so thankful that they had found a venue and vendors who didn't care that they were the same sex. And it was astounding cause it never occurred to me that I had, that brides had felt that way. But and Stephen will recall as well, they were so happy to be there and that that wasn't even a factor and it just, it just opened up a whole new light me on what being in this industry is. Cause you say it time with time again, but you know, it's not just a transaction, it's real people and real lives and you're a part of that. And that one couple, when I was so young, I mean I was probably 22 when that happened. And it just, it truly, it's heartwarming to see what you're doing inpeople's lives and how you're affecting them. So it's, it's, that was a big moment that's just made me really be thankful for the industry I'm in.

Sheridan -My Wedding Group (06:28):Wow. That's awesome. That's amazing. If you know, a couple is interested in, in getting in contact with you about you know, booking your space, what's the best way for them to get in touch with you?

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (06:39):Yeah, for sure. They can call the Hilton Garden Inn or the 1881 front desk and either way they'll get to me. But do you have a wedding wire page as well. And of course through My Wedding Group and contact us and Instagram. We actually have lots of platforms, so there's really several ways to get in touch with me.

Sheridan -My Wedding Group (06:55):Okay. And the is the website just

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (07:01):Yes ma'am. 1881Eventhall.Com and that goes straight to me as well, so I cananswer you either way.

Sheridan -My Wedding Group (07:06):Awesome. Well, I really appreciate you taking the time to sit down and talk with me. I know things have honestly been almost more hectic now than they have been before, so I do appreciate you taking the time to sit down and talk to me.

Tiffany Ford -1881 Event Hall (07:20):Yes, thank you so much. I appreciate it. Sheridan