Posted by myweddinggroup on May 26, 2016

Wedding Hair 101

 Let’s face it ladies, we may not admit it, but this is a VERY big deal for us! This was probably one of the first things we started looking at once we got popped the question…at least it was for me! So here is a small guide to the most common wedding hairstyles.


High Bun

This is one of the more common hairstyles. This is a good look if you have a dress with a lot of detail up top, or you are wearing a veil that slides underneath a bun. Try to stay away from veils that attach on top of your head, you’ll end up looking like you have a deformed head instead of a beautiful hair-do!



Low Bun

This is another common hairstyle that is very versatile. It works with almost all veil styles, and dress styles! Definitely a go-to!        



Side Pony or Braid

This style is a little more casual, but still very stunning! With this hairdo you could have it more classic and sleek, or more carefree and messy! I suggest this style with a dress that has more of the details on the bottom to even it out.




If you really want to wow the crowd with a hairstyle, this is it! This style works best with a dress that’s on the plainer side, so people will really take notice! There are so many different ways and design a braided look, that the possibilities are endless!




This is another versatile hairstyle! You can make it sleek or messy with ease! If your dress is heart-shaped or strapless, this look is for you! It’s also usually more comfortable since you won’t have a million bobby pins in your hair!




You don’t see a lot of this style anymore, but I love it! It goes with most dress styles, and it’s so easy! You can also dance like crazy and not have to worry about your hairstyle coming out! 




If you are wanting a hairstyle to make even Cinderella jealous, (or if you have hair-OCD like me) this is for you! You won’t have to worry about your getting all messed up from the slightest bit of wind (like a lot of messier styles) because it’ll be all tucked up and tight!



I hope this guide will help you pick put the perfect hairstyle for your beautiful locks!


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