Written by Michelle & Jason Jeffers of MJ's Getaways Travel Agency

What is one of the main obstacles that we face throughout life and marriage? The answer simply put is stress. And stress can take a serious toll on your relationship. As a couple of almost 20 years and married for 15 (with two kids) we have had our share of stress in life, but the most single rewarding stress reliever in our life has been our travel.

Most people are aware that traveling is fun and exciting, but did you know that actual studies have been done showing that relationships last much longer among couples who travel together as opposed to those who do not?

So, with that said, here are the 4 key ways that travel will strengthen your relationship!

1) Excitement! In a new relationship you get that heart pounding flood of endorphins with a first kiss or the first time you hold hands. Travel has this same feeling compounded by experiencing it all with the one you love.

2) Stress, as I mentioned earlier can wreak havoc on the body and a relationship, and the only time that stress has absolutely no chance of entering my mind is when I’m standing (or floating) in the clearest blue waters enjoying a drink with my husband, or hiking the Pitons in ST Lucia, or taking in any other of the millions of breathtaking views around the world with your one and only.

3) Authentic food is captivating! Some of the most amazing tastes and smells are awaiting you in places you would never imagine. I remember sitting at a local diner in San Juan, Puerto Rico and sharing a absolutely life changing plate of fried plantains. Some of the most romantic times I can recall are as simple as walking through local markets and sampling a local dish.

4) And last but definitely not least, travel definitely ignites those romantic flames! Its no secret that one of the key ingredients in your love life is intimacy. With all of these above experiences making for a perfect day out, there is no doubt that when you do make it back to your room, it will also be the perfect night in!!!

If you are looking for a way to spice up your relationship, just beginning a relationship or looking to relieve the stress of every day life, then contact your local travel agent at MJ’s Getaways to plan your perfect romantic getaway!


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Michelle & Jason Jeffers