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We got to go behind the scenes of Couture Cakes of Greenville along with Samantha Radandt of B & R Events and rsvp wedding coordination and her interns Audrey and Betsy. 

Susan was kind enough to show us how to make this fabulous Unicorn Cakes, and we do not have much experience!


The team at Couture Cakes of Greenville are very well trained and they took great care of us, even when we made silly mistakes. Icing and fondant can be tricky to work with but they provided awesome step-by-step instructions.


Piping icing bags for the unicorn hair!



When it came time for the finished product, we all were super excited to put on the finishing touches. This involved using very delicate gold leaf that we painted on the horns and eyes!  




And now for the finished product...



Thank you SOO much to Susan and the Staff at Couture Cakes of Greenville for giving us the backstage tour and process of what goes into making some of your beautiful cakes! 

We hope you enjoyed joining us through this process and we want to share a little bit about Susan McMakin and her bakery.


About Susan McMakin

I opened the doors to Couture Cakes of Greenville in August 2005. After a couple of years, we outgrew our space and moved to our current location at 1325 Miller Rd. We have been fortunate to watch our "cake family" grow with us over the years. They have allowed us to be a part of their birthdays, then the wedding, and then first-born children. At Couture Cakes, not only do our cakes look amazing, they taste just as great. With over 20 flavors of cakes, fillings, and icings to choose from, decisions become rather difficult.  Buttercream icing is our specialty and we ice over 85% of all our cakes with it. We have an awesome and eclectic staff with various talents and skills that help create your ideas into edible, custom works of art. Susan has been decorating cakes for over 20 years and has a great staff with invaluable experience. What sets us apart from other bakeries in the area is our talented team. All of my employees have different skill sets, talents and visions. We travel all over America taking classes and staying on trend. We are not afraid of large over the top cakes but also do shy away from any small cakes either - no cake is too big or too small!


Cake Classes at Couture Cakes of Greenville

We currently offer parties where you can decorate a free-style cake or you can pick from a couple of cakes designs that we can walk you through such as the unicorn cake. We also do llamas, rosettes, and bows and dots. Once we get our space configured properly we will offer more choices. 


Tips for At-Home Bakers

Taking classes in person is so much more beneficial than watching youtube videos. You learn faster and easier when you can physically make the products with a teacher and ask questions to get an immediate response. Hearing other people's questions is what I find to be a surprising perk when taking classes too. 


Some of Susan's Favorites!

I like to decorate cakes that are replica of other objects. Doing the measurements and scale details is very time consuming and tedious but I love the final outcome when you can put the cake next to the object you were replicating and see just how close you were able to copy it. The "is that really a cake?" is often the response I look forward to. 





Thanks for checking out our experience with Couture Cakes of Greenville!

Contact them today to sign up for your cake decorating class!