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Sapphire Blooms offers stand-up customer service and comes fully equipped with creative designing skills. Their team will help guide you every step of the way to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Every arrangement is hand crafted with care to perfectly capture all the details.  Showcase your special day with flowers as unique as you! Located in Greenville, SC and dedicated to serving the Upstate.



When choosing flowers for your big day, remember including fillers are a way to keep costs down while making your florals have more texture!

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Remember to keep yourself in mind when designing your florals...the most important thing is for them to reflect YOU!

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Ask your florist what types of flowers are in season to keep a friendly budget and make sure you get the healthiest flowers possible!

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A Note From Karen Harnesberger, Owner of Sapphire Blooms:


"When I work with couples to create flowers for their special day, the artist in me loves to create unique elements to match their personality! I have created paper roses from pages of their favorite books or musical sheets from their favorite songs to go in their bouquet. I had a bride that had just lost her father and wanted a way to have a part of him in her special day, so I took one of his ties, with a tie pin that she had given him that said “#1 Dad”, and wrapped it around the stems. Recently, I took a favorite picture of the groom’s dog and made it into a sketch and placed it in his boutonniere. For a rehearsal dinner, I was asked if I could include golf balls for the groom and still make the centerpieces elegant, no problem, that was so much fun! There are so many ways to create unique touches that aren’t even on Pinterest yet, because they are custom for my unique couples. So give me a challenge and I’ll build, design, paint and incorporate your style into flowers!"


Sapphire Blooms Reviews:

"Karen is such a talented florist. She did a fantastic job on my wedding flowers from bouquets to floral arrangements. She was professional and went above and beyond to help me design my wedding cake since she's putting flowers on my cake! She's just an awesome person!" - Jin

"Amazing job in every way! Karen far exceeded our expectations. The flowers were of excellent quality and are still beautiful three days later! My mom loved her wrist corsage on a pearl bracelet-so much classier than elastic! Karen even asked her wrist size so that the bracelet would be super comfortable on her. That attention to detail really makes a difference. My father had purchased a beautiful Linen suit for the wedding and loved the fact that the boutonnieres did not use straight pins, but strong magnets instead. Again, this attention to detail is great! I am very happy with the design, quality of the flowers, and price. I feel like I paid a value price for upscale flowers!" - Lisa


"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature."


We hope this helps you out before you meet with your florist!


Flower Arrangements by Sapphire Blooms

Photos by FamZing Photography & Noveli Photography